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Skinny Protein
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Skinny Protein

Skinny Protein is a blend of whey isolate and concentrate protein. It is only 98 calories per serve and contains the thermogenic, Schizandra extract. it also contains L-Carnatine and all your essential vitamins and minerals. Skinny Protein is the perfect, low fat, low sugar meal or snack replacement
Tribeca Health
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Weight Loss 
Lean Muscle Gain 
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From the makers of the green tea X50 we bring to you SKINNY protein!

18 Grams of Protein per serve
5 Grams of Carbs
1 Gram of Sugar

·WPC and WPI Blend

·Added Fibersol 2™ for greater appetite control

·Added Schizandra and Acetyl L-Carnitine for greater fat burning, energy and fat transportation

·Added Digestive Enzymes for improved nutrient absorption into the body

·24 added vitamins and minerals to help support your immune system and metabolism