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Beauty Fit - Beauty Heat Fat Burner

BeautyHeat by Beauty Fit - Thermogenic Powder! Beauty Fit has stopped at nothing to bring you the most intense formula in the Beauty Fit Range. While other products give you nothing more than a high dose of caffeine, BeautyHeat contains compounds proven to metabolically burn body fat. If you want caffeine, go drink a coffee! If you want to burn fat, use BeautyHeat. BeautyHeat triggers your body’s thermic (heat) response while also stimulating energy! This one two combination powers you through the toughest cardio workouts imaginable and maximises fat burning. BeautyHeat contains 735 mg of professional grade fat loss ingredients. No impurities. No unequal dosing. No pixie dusting. No contaminants. The complete BeautyHeat formula has been specially micronized to provide the greatest surface area possible. This helps each serving to be liquefied immediately upon digestion, maximizing the speed of absorption. You we will feel a kick within 30 minutes of taking it. Key Points: Fat Loss Shredding Boost Energy Suppress Appetite Professional Grade Ingredients Fast Acting
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