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Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse Fat Burner

Blackstone Labs - Trojan Horse Non-Stimulant Fatburner 60 Servings Lemon Lime - 492 Grams (17.35 oz.) Blackstone Labs Trojan Horse Non Stimulant Fat Burner utilizes a cellular process known as uncoupling, one of the most powerful ways your body can burn fat. Uncoupling essentially causes your body to use much more energy than it normally would to create ATP, and this extra energy comes from the breakdown of fat. Previously, the most powerful (and harmful) fat burner of all time, 2,4-Dinitrophenol (otherwise known as DNP), used uncoupling to burn fat. Unfortunately, DNP, a former substitute for TNT and dynamite, is very toxic and produces tons of cell-damaging free radicals and organ failure. While Trojan Horse is an uncoupler and does cause your body to breakdown fat for energy, they are proud to state that Trojan Horse is not toxic in any capacity whatsoever. Safe & Effective Uncoupling Agent Burns Fat for Energy & Induces Thermogenesis Increases Metabolism without Stimulants No Shakes or Increased Heart Rate Can Be Taken Before Bed
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