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Tom Muriello's Spazmatic

Spazmatic by Tim Muriello - Pump, Focus & Energy! Tim Muriello is known as the fitness and supplement expert in the fitness industry, with everyone asking him to bring out his own line of supplements. That time is now! Spazmatic is the first product from Muriello and it is a big hitter! Wanting to only put in ingredients that truly work, Muriello spared all the garbage that you don't need and put in what he trusted. Key Points: Single Scoop formula Increases Pump Improves Focus Increased Energy Levels Intense Ingredient List Our thoughts: What more could you expect from the industry supplement expert other than an intense pre-workout that ticks every box? Spazmatic is designed as a single scoop formula and has been packed with three transparently dosed blends. Each blend is responsible for a single effect with one for increased energy, another for distraction eliminating focus, and the last one for muscle pumps. The team here at Genesis are super impressed with Spazmatic, especially in a jam-packed pre-workout market Tim Muriello has brought out a product that really shines!
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